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PRIA Projects

PRIA Measurement and Evaluation Framework

Published in 2017, the Framework contains four elements: Model, Implementation Matrix, set of Guidelines, as well as integrating into the International Association of Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Online Tool. The Framework also aligns with the PRIA Media and Social Media Content Analysis Guidelines and templates. Read more.

PRIA Model for Measurement and Evaluation of Public Relations

The Model provides a diagrammatic overview of how the concepts can be applied, from program development and day-to-day public relations practice to analysis and reporting. Based on program logic models, its key stages are: inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes (short-, medium- and long-term) and impact. Read more.

PRIA Media and Social Media Content Analysis Guidelines

The Guidelines provides directions for practitioners to measure and evaluate media coverage and social media interactions using qualitative and quantitative criteria: reach, tone, five pre-determined, tailored quality measures. It provides an alternative to Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) and Advertising Space Rates (ASRs), which are not recommended or endorsed by the PRIA. Read more.

AMEC Tools

Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3)

A measurement and evaluation planning tool developed by AMEC to help PR professionals better plan and resource their measurement and evaluation programmes. Read more.

Integrated Evaluation Framework

This new special section of AMEC’s website has been put together to answer the most common challenges and pressures faced by communicators today as they look to prove their value in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Read more.

Barcelona Principles 3.0

New-look communications measurement benchmark launched. Read more.

Say No To AVEs

Join a global initiative to eradicate fully the use of Advertising Equivalency Value (AVE) and all of its derivatives as metrics in public relations work. Read more.

Planning Resources

Planning is a critical component of PR, and has a symbiotic relationship with measurement and evaluation. The new range of resources added to AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework will help you with your communication planning and enable you to take your measurement and evaluation in turn to the next level. Read more.

Planning Worksheet

A guided tool for using the Integrated Evaluation Framework for communication planning

Dublin Conversations Tools

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